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A Guardian Score is the compilation of data reflecting the public’s perception of an officer’s adherence to the tenets of procedural justice. Community members provide star ratings (1-5 stars) about several key behavioral traits and we take the average which becomes the “Guardian Score.” This score is also evaluated on a team and department level.

Guardian Score wants to help police departments improve legitimacy with their community, while also providing new and meaningful performance metrics for police performance evaluations. Police Officers have a tough and important job and they can only succeed with the support of their community. Guardian Score helps police departments improve community relations by providing data on their customer service.

Guardian Score’s intent is to improve police department customer service performance. Guardian Score is not a public forum to complain about officers. Guardian Score is not a complaint reporting tool. Guardian Score is a tool to help police leaders identify officers in need of improvement, training issues, and behavior role models. The unique interaction card elegantly balances the need to verify the authenticity of public input with a frictionless feedback tool for the public.

An interaction card is a unique, one-time card that encourages community members to anonymously rate their interaction with an individual member of law enforcement.

Police officers encounter people in many different environments. Sometimes the encounters are contentious. In those situations, requiring a community member to provide personally identifying information so that they may complete a survey could escalate a situation. The card allows the public to provide verified feedback on their own terms. The survey collects no personally identifying information.

Clients of Guardian Score can easily order more cards for individual officers as a feature of the Client Admin Page.

Reach out to Guardian Score directly at [email protected] and we will be happy to discuss your interests!

Guardian Score is priced based on the size of a police department (number of police officers with Guardian Score profiles). Oftentimes, the cost of Guardian Score may be eligible for grant funding.

Software updates to the application will be free of charge unless your department wants a specific change that’s not covered in a future release.

Data is NOT available for the public. Only your department will have access to your department’s data.

Data is hosted safely and securely on the cloud. All data is encrypted in rest and transit. Having the data on the cloud allows our engineers to debug, fix and improve on our application.

While Guardian Score technically owns data on its own platform, we don’t ever share your data without your express permission.

You are able to export officer and team reports on the platform today. We are currently working on allowing customers to export records via CSV.

We are not able to answer this at the moment since we are in the pilot phase. Consult with your legal office.

Guardian Score was invented as an easy to use, positive reinforcement tool. We envision officers and teams reflecting on periodic reviews to positively improve performance, together. It is important to remember that Guardian Score is ushering in an entirely new source of customer service feedback data for police departments that was never available before. As with any data, some may be seen as negative and some may be seen as positive. Guardian Score will also help depict the importance of officer’s spending time on calls and interacting with the community. Their performance can now be quantified beyond just their productivity (calls, arrests, tickets).

Ultimately, it’s your departments’ responsibility to mandate when and how the cards are issued. However, we offer functionality to track interaction card utility rates. With this insight, we can detect data irregularities or misuse.

Guardian Score was designed by a blend of policing and software experts who take great pride in building a product that delivers meaningful, verified, and accurate data. The proprietary system of using unique QR codes with a system that does not allow for multiple uses of the same QR code ensures that the data is based on real interactions between community members and police officers. Our intricate backend systems are designed to deliver relevant and actionable data analytics that are user-friendly for front-line supervisors.

We recognize that every community and every police department is unique. While the standard questions are based on research related to procedural justice and legitimacy, we remain flexible to be sure that we are truly providing a tool that delivers value to the community and the police department. If you have a unique question in mind, let’s chat about it!

Not yet. We are currently assessing the value in this feature request. If you would like to have this feature, let us know.

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